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College Scholarship Grants for

The purpose of the Officer Child Scholarship is to render financial assistance to officers' children who desire to pursue higher or specialized education as defined below, and/or who desire to enter the College/School for Officer Training.

Grant Forms for Children of SA Officers

Scholarship Grant for Children of  Salvation Army Officers Packet



What can it be used for?

Higher Education

Studies above the high school level for which credits are given toward a college degree (whether or not the individual contemplates completion of the total college curriculum), and for which credits are transferable to accredited schools of higher learning.

Specialized Education

Studies offered (1) by a technical, vocational, or business school or college, or by a Bible or law school, and (2) by an educational organization (a) which is authorized under Federal or state law to offer such program, and (b) which is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

College for Officer Training

Two year professional training and ordination for Salvation Army officership.

Do I qualify?


  1. Child must be 18 years old or a High School Graduate, whichever comes later
  1. Must be applied towards "qualified" expenses: that is, tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment, which expenses do not include room and board (Funds are taxable otherwise).
  1. Must be a full-time student
  1. Application for must be made before or within academic year or will be forfeited
  1. Must have a “C” average from High School on initial application and a “C” average every subsequent semester for continued qualification.
  1. Exceptions: Where the student does not have either a “C” average from high school for the initial application or holds a high school equivalency, the application may be approved with a one year probationary period at the end of which time a “C” average will determine continued eligibility.

What steps must I take?

  1. Officer applicants complete the application located on this page and submit to their DHQ.
  1. Once approved at DHQ, the form will be processed in the Officer Resource and Development office at THQ.
  1. Final authorization will be sent by email notification from the ORD department.

How much can I receive?

  1. Scholarship amounts are revised often; please see the most current application for available award amounts.
  1. Eligibility to receive the scholarship is for four years or 8 academic semesters and ceases at age 29- exceptions include those serving in the military and those attending CFOT.  Please contact  Heidi Thiel in the ORD department for details.
  1. Accelerated programs may be eligible for an increased award amount. Please contact Heidi Thiel in the ORD department for details.