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College Loans for Salvation Army Students

Beneficiaries of The Salvation Army Student Loan must be Salvationist students who desire to enroll in a program of post high school education and reside within the geographical boundaries of The Salvation Army Central Territory as outlined in Minute 1, Part 1 of Section 23. For more information, please contact, Amanda Nonnweiler in our Student Services area.



  1. Salvationist student - Soldier in good standing of the territory making the loan.
  1. Under age twenty-nine (29) and with a demonstrated financial need.  Age limitation will be waived for cadets requesting a loan for entering the College/School for Officer Training.
  1. Currently enrolled or planning to enroll for the next school year in one of the following:


  1. Studies above the high school level for which credits are given toward a college degree (whether or not the individual contemplates completion of the total college curriculum), and for which credits are transferable to accredited schools of higher learning; Bible colleges whose credits may or may not be transferred to other schools of higher learning; post-graduate courses.


  1. In addition, those courses that are of a post-high school nature and which are designed to help physically - and/or mentally-challenged children toward a vocation are approved for funding from this Minute if accredited by a recognized professional agency and/or authorized by the appropriate state.


  1. In the College/School for Officer Training.
  1. For Salvationists who are not citizens of the United States, a loan will be considered only if the individual has a valid Alien Registration Card ("green card") issued by the United States government, and if he/she meets all other eligibility requirements.
  1. Continued eligibility for loans will be determined as applications are received, on the basis of the student's maintaining a "C" average, or better, and otherwise meeting conditions for receipt of loans set forth in this minute.


  1. Interested applicants should download the Student Loan Application on this page and contact their home Corps Officer for application procedure details.  


  1. Awards for student loans are given on a full year basis in the amount of up to $2,250 per year in increments of up $1,125 per semester.

Loan Forms for Salvationist Students

Student Loan for Salvationists Packet

Loan Forms for Those Wishing to Enroll at CFOT (Candidates)

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