International Headquarters announces the 150th Anniversary Congress of the founding of The Salvation Army in London, UK, 1 – 5 July, 2015. Salvationists from 126 countries will unite under the theme, BOUNDLESS: The Whole World Redeeming. This theme comes from the pen of General William Booth, who wrote the words to what we affectionately call The Founder’s Song:

O boundless salvation, deep ocean of love;
O fullness of mercy, Christ brought from above.
The whole world redeeming, so rich and so free;
Now flowing for all men, come roll over me!

Ephesians 3:8, admonishes us to 'Preach to the nations the boundless riches of Christ!' And the nations will gather from the four corners of the earth in the East End of London to observe this historic event. The 2015 International Congress will commemorate the past accomplishments of The Army, which has seen the Gospel taken to 126 countries. It will also celebrate what God is doing in and through The Salvation Army today and it will innovate for the future, spurring us on to even greater things beyond the year 2015.

While Congresses traditionally take place over the course of a weekend, the Boundless Congress will be a five-day event, which begins on Wednesday 1 July with an opening rally that will welcome the world to London, the birthplace of The Salvation Army. The Congress will conclude with a grand sending-forth service on Sunday 5 July. Every meeting is being planned to first of all, bring honour and glory to the Lord, but also to display the cultural diversity of our world-wide Army. You will not want to miss a single meeting.



June 26, 2015 - USA Central Final Communique

All delegates should check prior to travelling to the UK in order to make entry to the UK as easy as possible. If you prepare prior to departure, you'll feel the benefits on arrival.

The website explains what you must do before you leave for the UK and at UK Border Control upon arrival. Please ensure you have your passport, the correct visa and any required supporting documents. Check the items you intend to bring to the UK, some goods are not permitted.

Regardless of what you are doing at Boundless, you are first and foremost a delegate to The Salvation Army international congress.  That is what you tell UK Border Control.   

If you are a part of a performance group or participating in any other way, when you are asked at Border Control, your purpose for coming to the UK, your only response is, "I am delegate to The Salvation Army international congress"  You may also like to carry a Boundless 2015 flyer, which clearly describes the International Congress.

Boundless 2015 Flyer

The Boundless 2015 flyer is also available under the ‘Resources’ section of our website.

Translation equipment will be available for pick-up in the lobby of The O2 90 minutes before each arena session. Delegates must return their equipment in the hour following each arena session. Translation equipment can also be dropped off at the remote translation desk in the Boundless Experience after each session.



Session Number

Equipment Pick-Up Hours

Equipment Drop-Off Hours

Wednesday 1 July

Officer's Councils

8:30 to 10:30 am

12:30 to 1:30 pm

Wednesday 1 July

Session 1

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Thursday 2 July

Session 2

8:30 to 10:30 am

12:00 to 1:00 pm

Thursday 2 July

Session 3

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Friday 3 July

Session 4

8:30 to 10:30 am

12:00 to 1:00 pm

Friday 3 July

Session 5

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Saturday 4 July

Session 6

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Saturday 4 July

One Army Seminar

8:00 am to 1:30 pm

8:00 am to 1:30 pm

Sunday 5 July

Session 7

8:30 to 10:30 am

12:00 to 1:00 pm

Translation equipment pick-up and drop-off for other non-arena events will be available at the same time as the main arena sessions, except for the Officers Councils and the One Army Seminars.

Please be advised that translation equipment is only available to delegates who have already communicated their language needs to the Congress Office. Please note that the penalty for failing to return the equipment after each session is a fee of £175.00.

Thursday 2 July – Sunday 5 July, 8.30-9.30

Each day of the congress will start with a prayer meeting in the Boundless Theatre (no ticket is required to attend). This will include Salvation Army international leaders, prayer warriors and people with a special prayer ministry from around the world. Delegates will share time in prayer for the congress (Thursday), Children's and Youth work (Friday), Revival (Saturday) and on the final day people with pray for a renewed vision for The Salvation Army (Sunday).

In the prayer meetings some of the information and headings will be translated into the five main languages, which include: French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Swedish.

Boundless Film Festival tickets are now available! They are selling fast and there are limited seats in the Cineworld Screen. Visit our website for the full film festival schedule at before buying your tickets. We have special guest appearances from General Andre Cox, General John Larsson (Ret.), Dorothy Gates and Charlie Green.

To purchase Boundless Film Festival Tickets visit and click the 'Book Individual Session Tickets' button. Then follow the instructions on the AXS page. Tickets are £5 each per session, the Boundless Film Festival has four sessions and each is unique. These tickets will be emailed to you as e-tickets which you will need to print off and bring with you to the event.


The Boundless 2015 website has been up dated to help you prepare for your time in London. New additions include travel tip, special offers at The O2 and details about the Boundless Experience (registration, historic display, exhibits and more). Visit our website at


As you prepare to travel to London, visit our website and download a 'Know Before You Go Guide'. This document is a tool to prepare you for and guide you through your time in London, England. To print your copy visit our website at

Bookmark now for all the latest news and for interactive live-streaming direct from The O2! All seven sessions will be archived on and available to watch at your convenience.


Meal Allowance:  

In an effort to ease the burden of keeping meal receipts and handling currency conversion, Territorial Finance Council (TFC) approved a per diem rate of £52.  Rates of exchange are always fluctuating.  It was determined to go with a $1.50/pound conversion rate to simplify the accounting across the territory.  The approved daily meal rate will therefore convert to $78.00 per day.  The typical delegate should plan on seven days of allowance ($546.00)  That figure is based on one day travel each way and five days of Congress meetings. No receipts for meals, beverages or snacks will be required or accepted.** A voucher or check request will be the only needed documentation. 

The attached table is provided to provide guidance for the handling of meal allowances for all delegates who are eligible to receive reimbursement for Congress expenses (Regular, THQ appointed or Participating).  Please note: if you have already received all the support or reimbursement available to you from all Salvation Army sources (THQ, DHQ or Command, Corps or appointment), you are not eligible to draw meal allowance or submit reimbursements for meals, snacks or beverages.  Please remember, you can only submit reimbursement requests up to limits established by your Division / Command.

Childcare Expenses for officers:  All Officers attending the 2015 Boundless Congress who are not bringing their children with them and are eligible for child-care will be allowed to draw from official funds child care expenses according to Finance minute - Section 11; Minute 11; Part 2. 

Questions concerning this memo should be directed to your Corps Officer or Command.  If further clarification is needed contact the Program Department at THQ at 

May 13, 2015  - The refund deadline for the cancellation of tickets booked through your Boundless 2015 Registration account is May 15.

If you need to cancel tickets booked through your account, please contact the International Congress office before this date and they can process a refund for your tickets, subject to a 10% processing fee as described in the registration terms and conditions.

Attached is an advertisement for the Social Justice Seminar to be held on Friday, July  3 at 1:30pm in O2 complex in London. Admission is free but everyone needs a ticket.

General André Cox will join a panel of leaders to discuss the question: "How can people of faith better contribute to the fight for social justice in the 21st century?"

Tickets are still available - please share this information with your people attending the congress.

If you wish to personally attend this seminar, please email and they will send you a ticket that you can print off and bring with you.

May 2015 - We've received word that fewer and fewer locations in the UK are accepting credit cards with the magnetic strip.  Many businesses in the UK are now accepting cards with an embedded microchip. 

In light of this information, if you are planning to use your credit cards during your time at the International Congress it is suggested that you contact your bank to see if cards containing this chip are offered to its customers.  Some banks do offer this, free of charge.

April 2015 - As the International Congress is now less than 100 days away, I want to provide some information which will be helpful to USA Central Territory delegates as you prepare for the historic gathering in London to celebrate The Salvation Army's 150th anniversary.

Citizens of the USA will not need visas to enter the United Kingdom.  The attached list from IHQ identifies by country whether a delegate will need to secure a visa.  It is delegate's responsibility to secure any necessary visa for entry into the United Kingdom.
Please see information attached concerning visas for self-paying delegates.
Dress Code
More will be said about this at a later date, but leadership has informed the Congress Office that delegates (Salvation Army officers and soldiers) are expected to wear uniform. “Summer uniform” is acceptable. This consists of epaulet shirt with officer or soldier epaulets, trousers for men and skirt for women, & tie for men. Of course, full Salvation Army uniform is always acceptable. It is hoped that many will wear national uniform and that groups participating in the sessions will be in national dress or national uniform. It will be summer in London and July can be warm. 
March Down The Mall
The March of Witness has been confirmed and will end at approximately 4pm.  If you are planning on staying for this event, you may wish to book a flight departing Sunday evening or Monday morning. Those marching in the March Down the Mall will need their hats/ caps.
Pre and Post Congress Tours of IHQ
Following consultation, a decision has been made in relation to tours of IHQ over the Boundless Congress period.    Four days will be made available for Tour groups to visit IHQ over a two week period ( pre & post Boundless Congress).  The days have been divided into 4 time slots per day.  Groups will need to pre- book their tours well in advance, with the understanding that once all time slots are taken, we will not be in a position to offer any more tours during this period.
There is also a limit to how many people we can accommodate at one time.  The maximum number in any group being 45. (this would mean we would split the group into lots of 3 x 15 people).  All bookings need to be made with the IHQ Chaplain. or
Please note:   
Once the allocated times are booked we will not be in a position to offer any alternative options, so the booking will be based on arrival of request (first come -  first serve). 
Over this two week period we will not be receiving people or groups who may make an impromptu visit to reception asking for a tour of the building.
The Congress office recognizes this will cause some disruption, however to minimize the impact for those who work on the building the tour will only involve the 1st floor and ground floor.  A number of the groups may like to book in for morning/afternoon tea or lunch in Cafe 101.  Please indicate if your group require the catering facilities when booking the tour.  We can then forward information from the Cafe manager regarding catering packs.  It is preferable for payment to be made for catering as a group rather than on an individual basis.  
The details are as follows:-
Pre - Boundless Tours:
June 29
9:30 am
11 am
1:30 pm
3:00 pm
June 30
9.30 am
3.00 pm
Post Boundless Tours:
July 6
9.30 am
11 am
1:30 pm
3:00 pm
July 7
9.30 am
Hospitality Suites (Boxes)
Hospitality suites for the seven main sessions at The O2 arena are still available. General Cox is requesting all who are able to purchase one to consider doing so. When you book a suite, your general seating allocation, in either the lower or upper seating sections of the arena, will be released. With this additional space, we will be able to open up the international congress to more people, increasing the reach and the impact of Boundless 2015.
In addition to being the most comfortable areas in the arena, suites also provide occupants with excellent views of the main congress festivities. Food and beverages are also available to purchase.
It costs £2,000 to book a suite seating 15 people and £2,250 for a suite seating 18 people. This is in addition to individual delegate registration fees. At the time of booking, all suite occupants, including the hirer, must already be a fully registered and paid delegate to the Congress. Suites are available on a first-come, first-served basis until 1 June 2015 or until all have been hired out, whichever comes first. So please book as soon as possible.
The Congress Office has been in negotiations with The O2’s ticketing team since individual arena session tickets went on sale on 29 January, and the Saturday and Sunday sessions sold out. We are pleased to announce that we have achieved an unprecedented agreement with The O2 of selling individual seats within the hospitality suites (boxes). The O2 has now released one level of suites to accommodate the many people who wish to attend the arena sessions. 
Here are the details:
· More than 350 seats are now available.
· Seats will be sold in any combination from 1 to 30, subject to availability
· Each seat for each session will cost £35 (this is equivalent to what full suite hirers pay) plus a £1 processing fee.
To book now, visit and click the blue 'Book Individual Session Tickets' button. Territorial Leadership has determined that if delegates choose to purchase suites, it will be at the delegate’s expense.  It will not be reimbursable nor will it be contributed toward the $750. 
Wristbands / Travel Cards & USA Central International Congress Pins
IHQ will be shipping the delegate wristbands and travel cards in May. We will be holding an International Congress orientation being held Saturday, June 13 at 1:30 during our Territorial Commissioning.  Delegate wristbands (tickets) and travel cards will be distributed at that event.  The materials for any International Congress delegates not attending territorial commissioning will be given to the the delegate's respective Command/Division. The Command/Division who will distribute them prior to departure for London.  Please note: The travel card will be "live" as of June 30 and the delegate's tickets will be loaded onto the wristband.  IHQ has notified us that if a travel card is lost, it will need to be repurchased at face value (around $100) and the replacement fee for a lost wristband will be £10 (around $16).
We have created an International Congress pin for our territory.  Each Central Territory Delegate will receive 10 of those pins-  One to keep / nine to trade.  These will be distributed with the wristbands and travel cards.    
You may “like” or “follow” the Boundless Congress office on Facebook or Twitter and Instagram This will allow you to keep up with the latest developments of the Congress and get sneak peeks of what you can expect to see at Boundless.  
Instagram: @Boundless_2015
I trust this information will be useful in your planning for this historic event!

March 2015 - The producers of The Salvation Army International Congress are looking for up to 450 Volunteer Cast Members to play an important role in the ceremony and celebrations of the upcoming Boundless World Congress, July 1-5 in London. The Volunteer Cast will perform during the prestigious O2 Arena World Congress General Sessions. No formal performance training is needed, just a Boundless Spirit to have fun and honor Him.  More information and registration.

February 2015 - Tickets for the 1:30 July 2nd CSB concert are still available by going through the "buy individual events" option (direct link:

January 2015We are pleased to announce that tickets to concerts, the musical and other additional events for all fully registered delegates will be available to book from 28 January 2015 at 9.00 am GMT (3:00am Central).

When these tickets become available, you will be able to book them from the Boundless Registration page on our website - To purchase these tickets you will need to log in to your account, add the tickets you would like for each delegate you have registered and then pay for all of the tickets you have booked. If you are not yet a fully registered delegate but would like to attend the seven main sessions in The O2 arena, please register as a full delegate and complete your payment. You will then be able to add tickets to concerts, the musical and other additional events when these are available.

If you are unable to attend all seven of the main sessions, you can still purchase tickets to individual sessions, subject to availability. Tickets for those wishing to attend individual sessions will be available to book from 29 January 2015 at 9.00 am GMT. You will also be able to book tickets for concerts, the musical, and other additional events within the same booking. The process of booking these tickets will not be the same as for fully registered delegates, there will be a separate button on the Boundless Registration webpage for you to book tickets to the individual sessions.

If you have any questions, please read the Frequently Asked Questions on the Boundless Registration webpage or contact the Congress Office at

November 2014 - The International Congress Office asked to make you aware that dialogue with the Royal Parks is continuing concerning the March down the Mall. We feel very positive about the ongoing conversation and the possibility of this happening; however, many have enquired about when this might happen and how it will impact departures from London.  At this moment, we can only tell you that, if the March is approved, it appears that it will happen on Sunday, 5 July at approximately 15:00 (3 PM). Therefore, if you are interested in being part of this aspect of the Congress, we suggest that, if possible, you stay in London until Monday morning or take the absolute last flight out on Sunday night.

September 2014 - Please download the September 2014 Territorial Update here.

July 2014 - Please download the July 2014 Territorial Update here.

July 2014 - There is a new "serviced apartment" option not far (a little over 2 miles) from the O2. Staycity London ( . The price for a double room for 6 nights is £467. Cleaning is  £20 per time.


Our territorial pre-registration process is continuing to allow those within the territory to indicate their interest in attending the 150th anniversary of The Salvation Army.  There is still time to submit your self-nomination form found on this website.  The link for the self-nomination can be found at the bottom of this column under the "Interested in Attending?" header.

Please note: 

1. Only those who have submitted a completed self-nomination form and have received a confirmation email indicating they have been approved as an official delegate are eligible to receive the Territorial subsidy.

2. Please do not register on the IHQ Boundless 2015 site until you receive a code and direction you can register.  IHQ has provided a number of slots for our territory and complicates the process as those registering without a code are designated by IHQ as "self-paying".

The IHQ accommodation booking website is now open:

This is an external website managed by HelmsBriscoe, an accommodation provider. Individuals can use the site to purchase accommodation packages at venues throughout the London area.  As standard, rooms are available from Tuesday, June 30, 2015 – Sunday,  July 5, 2015. Should you wish to stay for longer or if you would like a family room please contact HelmsBriscoe directly:  

Delegates are under no obligation to use this site.

Interested in Attending?

Potential Central Territory Delegates should not register for Boundless 2015 at the Congress website until they have received notification they have approval to do so. To obtain approval to attend Boundless 2015, please fill out the self-nomination form. Also download the Territorial Information Sheet (PDF).


Those who have recently tried to reserve a hotel room have seen the hotel rooms through the IHQ site are now at the "wait list" status.  We have communicated our concern to IHQ.  There is another event accross the street from the O2 ending the day after Boundless 2015 begins, as well as Wimbledon Tennis tournament.  Both of these events are impacting room availability. The good news is there are a number of hotel chains which are not part of the IHQ system at this point and who do not take reservations more than one year out.  These will soon become available, so please be patient.  Information updates and links will be sent out as information is received. 


In the next two weeks, those who have who have been approved to attend Boundless 2015 will receive a registration code which will enable you to register at the IHQ registration site.  IHQ will then bill us not you for your registration (your registration will be deducted from the $1000 THQ subsidy which will come to you through the commands).


We have received word from IHQ that our seating allotment for subsidized delegates to the 2015 Boundless International Congress has changed.  50% (350) of our delegation will be assigned to the lower level of the O2 arena while the other 50% (350) will be seated on the upper level.  Please keep in mind that seating is assigned on a first come first served basis.    

Additionally, those subsidized delegates registering with self-paying delegates will be seated in the upper level of the O2.

As a reminder, the following are described as:

Self-Paying Delegates 
Self-Paying delegates are those delegates who are taking 100% responsibility for their financial arrangements regarding attendance at the Congress. 

Subsidized Delegates
Subsidized Delegates are those who are receiving financial assistance from THQ (will receive/have received as special code to register). 

Self-Nomination Form

Boundless 2015 Website`