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Did you know that hundreds of residents have their utilities shut off every month because they struggle to make their payments? 

To help make a difference, The Salvation Army serves to resolve immediate crisis as well as “encourage accountability, support long-term sustainability and balance accountability with service.” 

By providing a variety of services to help families and individuals weather the storm, whether it be financial emergency, shut-off notices or through a multitude of other hardships, in 2011 we served over 17 million individuals across the United States.

Here are some of the programs offered throughout the Midwest:


HeatShare is a Salvation Army program that provides emergency utility assistance for people with no place left to turn. Funds are typically used to pay for natural gas, oil, propane, wood, electricity and emergency furnace repairs. HeatShare is offered at most Salvation Army operation centers in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Share the Warmth

Newly launched, Share the Warmth is a joint effort of The Salvation Army, the Michigan-based utility provider Michigan Gas Utilities (MGU), and concerned MGU customers from communities throughout Michigan. During winter and all year long, charitable contributions to the Share the Warmth Fund enable The Salvation Army to extend emergency home heating assistance to low-income or unemployed families living in MGU’s service territory – especially to households with children, elderly or disabled individuals who would otherwise be unable to keep the heat on during these challenging times. 


Begun in 1983, PeopleCare is a unique partnership between Consumers Energy and The Salvation Army to help Michigan households who may not qualify for other assistance yet are struggling to make ends meet. Charitable donations from Consumers Energy customers and employees allow The Salvation Army to extend material assistance to families ranging from food to transportation to medical needs. 

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