We love because God loved us first Image

We love because God loved us first

The Salvation Army is devoted to changing lives both physically and spritirually.

Sunday Worship & Church Programs

Please be advised that Sunday School and Worship services are closed until April 6.

Participating in Sunday Worship helps us connect to God and to each other.

You are welcome at our 10 am Sunday School and 11 am Worship Service.

Regular bible study helps us grow in our faith and learn from each other.

Wednesday Bible Studies at 12 Noon & 7 pm.

Youth Activities start at 5:30 pm on Tuesdays.

Women's Ministries meets at 6 pm on Thursdays.

Other ways we help share God's love

On top of our Sunday services and Wednesday night Bible study we also offer different options that promote spiritual growth. 

Youth Groups

The Salvation Army in Warren offers a youth night every Tuesday night (during the normal school year). This is an opportunity for children to come and learn about God's truths all while having fun and being in fellowship with other children of the community,. 

Women's Ministries
Women's ministries is a way in which the women of our corps and the community come together to fellowship with each other. This group typically meets every Thursday evening. 

Other Ways We Meet Need