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Adults in need - It's the biggest group we serve. Image

Adults in need - It's the biggest group we serve.

Community Cares Ministry: Through programs that address the mind, body and soul, we meet the needs of adults of all ages -- rides, visits, caring.

we pay visits to thousands of people annually in waukesha county:

  • We visit nursing homes and care facilities
  • We visit those recovering in hospitals and rehab centers
  • We share a smile, offer a prayer, help break up long days
  • We provide small gifts, share activities and offer  the ministry of presence and companionship

This is "Our Community Cares" Ministry

Be a part of this wonderful, caring ministry

Financial gifts to The Salvation Army of Waukesha County are always welcome and appreciated. Please consider volunteering, or think about joining the Women's Ministry. It enjoys planning and fulfilling visit and gift-giving aspects of our Community Cares Ministry.

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