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Divisional Headquarters

Major Greg Thompson Divisional Commander

Major Lee Ann Thompson Director of Women’s Ministries, Officer Development Secretary, Coordinator for Global Initiatives, Camp Administrator

Major Randy Hellstrom Divisional Secretary, Men’s Ministries Secretary, Omaha City Coordinator

Major Sandy Hartley Divisional Secretary for Business

Major Curtiss Hartley Divisional Secretary for Program, Multicultural Ministries Coordinator

Major Kathy Hellstrom Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary, Moral and Ethical Issues Secretary

Captain Bridgette Amick Divisional Candidates' Secretary

Captain Ronald Amick Divisional Youth Secretary

Diane McMillen Administrative Assistant to the Divisional Commander


Jeff Beckman Executive Director of Development

Todd Andrews Director of Integrated Communications

Jim Coonce Accounting Supervisor/City Accountant

Anne Flodine General Fund Accountant

Linda Garbina Director of Planned Giving

Susan Eustice Director of Media Relations

Greg Kadrlik Property Administrator

Linda Smith Information Technology Manager


Patti Sherwin Human Resources Manager


Dr. Linda Burkle Social Services Director

Linda Harrer Divisional Safe from Harm Coordinator

Ramona Arthur Director of Volunteer Services

Joel Arthur Emergency Disaster Services Director

Kim Herivel-Walter Youth Ministries Coordinator

Jeff Wibel Assistant Divisional Social Services Director – City of Omaha

Don Winkler Assistant Divisional Social Services Director – Corps