Temporary Marshalltown Salvation Army Base of Operations Now Open

Jul 27, 2018

Friday brought a new phase in The Salvation Army’s ongoing disaster relief efforts in Marshalltown. Officers and staff opened a temporary base of operations Friday at The Salvation Army Marshalltown Thrift Store at 232 North 13th St.  The building will serve in this capacity until the storm-damaged Marshalltown Corps Community Center can be reopened. The center’s roof was substantially damaged in last week’s EF3 tornado, and its interior received water damage Wednesday evening when rain showers seeped inside. A structural engineering crew began looking over the Corps Community Center Friday morning to access the full extent of its damage.  

Salvation Army officers, staff, and volunteers continue their work providing much needed human services to area residents. On Thursday, they handed out 940 meals, 1,006 snacks and 866 drinks as well as several thousand dollars’ worth of Fareway gift cards for the purchase of food and supplies. Additionally, The Salvation Army provided emotional and spiritual care to 210 families Wednesday and Thursday. Three mobile kitchens hit the streets Thursday to take food and water to the places most in need in Marshalltown.  

How You Can Help

The best way to help tornado survivors and rescue workers is to make a financial donation. All donations will go directly to the affected communities. Contributions to The Salvation Army’s relief work in Iowa can be made online at donate.salarmywestern.org/iowatornadoes.