The Nebraska Chinese Association (NCA) Generously Supports Flood-Relief Efforts

Oct 9, 2019

The Salvation Army Western Division joined the Nebraska Chinese Association (NCA) for a check-presentation ceremony Oct. 7 to celebrate the community group’s major donation to flood relief.

“We are so excited that we can give this money to help the people of the heartland,” said Linda Steele, NCA president, speaking at the Western Division’s Emergency Disaster Services building in Omaha.

The ceremonial check depicted a total amount of nearly $5,000, of which the Western Division is set to receive just over $2,200.  That amount—as well as the other component amounts within the larger total—was raised by the NCA during its One Community Cultural Festival, a local gathering that was held in midtown Omaha back in August.  The NCA had earlier announced that the event’s proceeds would be distributed among three area organizations that had been fighting the Flood of 2019. 

Steele expressed her gratitude for the success of the cultural festival, as well as a desire to see the resulting flood donations make an impact in Nebraska and Iowa.  “We hope our efforts in helping the local flood victims will make our community a better place for all,” Steele said.

The overall amount that the Western Division is receiving includes extra donations gathered during the cultural festival via several Salvation Army red kettles—which the NCA placed around the festival grounds the morning of the event.

The Western Division’s flood-relief efforts, which began in mid-March, have continued into the fall, most recently in the form of food service on the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota and casework operations in the Omaha metro.

“Flood waters may have receded for now, but flood-relief is still important as people continue to recover, rebuild and relocate,” said Jeff Beckman, Salvation Army Western Division executive director of development. “We are grateful to the Nebraska Chinese Association for their generous support of our ongoing flood-relief efforts.”

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