The Weekly Word - A Devotion for the Week of April 24

Apr 23, 2023

Our God is a personal God, continually inviting us into relationship with Him. He yearns for us to know Him deeply and intimately, rather than keeping ourselves at arm’s length from His love.

We experience God’s presence in prayer and worship and as we read and meditate on scripture, to be sure, but God also invites us into relationship with Him through our everyday experiences as well.

His invitation is in the sweet-tart taste of apple pie still warm from the oven and in the rich scent of newly fallen oak leaves piled on the lawn. His invitation is in the glimpse of a monarch butterfly balanced on a zinnia bloom and in the comforting touch of a loved one.  

This week, let’s make the effort to slow down, pausing to say yes to God’s invitation to experience His presence with each one of our senses. Let us taste – as well as touch, hear, smell and see – that the Lord is indeed abundantly present and abundantly good. 

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