The Weekly Word - A Devotion for the Week of February 24

Feb 21, 2020

Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.
-- John 14:1

Jesus uttered these comforting words to His disciples at the Last Supper, just after He informed them that He would not be with them much longer. The mood at the table was somber. The disciples were undoubtedly agitated and afraid -- confused by Jesus’ words, which didn’t make sense to them at the time, and anxious about the uncertainty of what lay ahead.

We can surely relate to the unrest the disciples were feeling in their hearts in this moment. We’ve all walked through seasons of uncertainty, when the way forward was not clear. We’ve all experienced deep dread and fear in our hearts. We’ve all felt isolated and alone.

Jesus knows our pain. He knows our deepest fears and anxieties, and He knows when we desire to control a situation that is spiraling out of control. With these words, Jesus assures us that we who believe in God are never alone.

What’s more, Jesus reminds us that despite our uncertain circumstances, we do indeed have some measure of control. “Do not let your hearts be troubled,” He instructs His disciples – and us. The choice is ours, Jesus reminds us. We can choose to dwell on our difficulties and stew in our anxieties and fear. Or we can choose to surrender our troubles to God, knowing in our heart, mind and soul that He will not abandon us in our darkest hour.  

Jesus comforted His dearly loved disciples as they faced the fear of the unknown. And with these words today, He comforts us too, reminding us that the God of infinite love, wisdom and power is always by our side.  

God of comfort, thank You for offering this reassurance, one I can return to again and again as I face times of uncertainty and fear in my life. Give me the strength and courage to choose trust over trouble and surrender over control. Amen. 

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