Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Serves Nearly 80, Recognizes Hundreds

Feb 28, 2024 | by Daisy Hutzell-Rodman

The Salvation Army of North Platte, Nebraska, recently thanked the army of volunteers who assist the staff in “Doing the Most Good” for their community.

Acknowledging volunteer efforts was a focal point for Lts. Camon and Chaslyn Landry, who arrived as the new leaders of The Salvation Army of North Platte in July 2023. Lt. Camon said they immediately wanted to gauge what their volunteers were doing around the community. The Landrys were pleased to see that their volunteers extend helping hands in nearly every aspect of The Salvation Army’s work.

The Salvation Army of North Platte had sponsored a volunteer appreciation event in the past, and the Landrys wanted to restart this tradition as a way of showing their volunteers they value their support.

“A lot of what we do (utilizes) volunteers,” Lt. Camon said. “Programs, food pantries. (In) the Christmas season we do a bunch of fundraising — we have volunteers that help in just about every aspect of what we do.”

Much of the work The Salvation Army of North Platte volunteers do revolves around feeding those in need, so the lieutenants embodied the Golden Rule and did unto the volunteers as they have done for The Salvation Army. On Jan. 29, they prepared a special meal of prime rib, baked potatoes, green beans and dinner rolls as a thank-you gift for their volunteers. The event was attended by around 80 people, including volunteers and board members.

As part of the event, certificates of service were distributed to a variety of volunteers. This was important to Lt. Camon, as it was an extra way to thank those who have served many hours of their time. Volunteers also have their names engraved on plaques that hang at The Salvation Army’s offices in North Platte.

Altogether, the staff, volunteers and community members claimed the night a success.  

“We had (people volunteering for) our mental health program, youth groups, people involved with businesses, with other nonprofits, all gathering together to share a meal and be in partnership and love together,” Lt. Camon said. “To me, it was fulfilling. It made me really proud of those who volunteer their time, their tithes and their talents.”

The lieutenants plan to continue recognizing those who volunteer at their corps, ideally with an annual dinner and program like the one this year.

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