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Serving Wichita and Sedgwick County over 80 years

Serving Wichita and Sedgwick County over 80 years

Our Members

The Wichita City Command advisory board consists of a wide spectrum of hard-working men and women who share in the vision to transform and restore lives in the city of WICHITA.

Paul Allen
Member Since 1993
"I believe in the mission of The Salvation Army and believe it serves a unique purpose in our community."
Clay Bastian
Member Since 1997
Al Buch
Member Since 1988
"Great place to donate expertise."
Tonya Buckingham
Member Since 2017
"I care about people and I want to give back to this community."
Martha Buford
Member Since 1984
"I love The Salvation Army - it is one of the real joys of my life."
Tom Butz
Member Since 2014
"I think highly of The Salvation Army, have supported the organization financially over time and would like to invest some time to support the mission."
Dr. Amy Carey
Member Since 2017
"Wonderful resource to the Wichita Community."
Vanessa Combs
Member Since 2018
"I hope to further the mission of The Salvation Army, contributing to the best of my ability and bring a fresh set of eyes and different perspective."
Bill Cozine
Member Since 1987
Dennis Dietz
Member Since 1992
"They have a good heart and serve people?s needs both physical and spiritual."
Ray Dorsett
Member Since 1996
"I appreciate the opportunity to serve and I am strongly committed to the principle of keeping Jesus Christ in the center of all we do."
Craig Duerksen
Member Since 2014
"I want to serve God and serve others, something that The Salvation Army does every day."
Monique Garcia
Member Since 2017
"I immensely respect the mission and have been fortunate to serve as a volunteer since 2003 taking app's for the Angel Trees and translating Spanish."
Bill Gardner
Member Since 2013
"Strong fellowship through Christian based service. The opportunity to connect with broader community initiatives."
Bruce Gilkeson
Member Since 1983
"I hope I can contribute to the mission. It?s a great experience to associate with people committed to the Army, Staff, Board and Committee members."
Richard (Dick) Hartwell
Member Since 2019
"To help others in need."
Jeri Hinkle
Member Since 2004
"Faith-based organization offering hope and love to the less fortunate and serving all in need, in Christ?s name, without discrimination."
Robert (Bob) Houston
Member Since 1988
"To assist the Army to continue to help those in need."
Kara Hunt
Member Since 2014
"The amount of good the organization does for so many in the community and mission statement."
Elizabeth King
Member Since 2005
"I believe in the Christ-centered mission of The Salvation Army and the good work begin done in the community."
Elizabeth Koch
Member Since 1987
Walter Lewis
Member Since 2004
"To assist the ministry of The Salvation Army share hope and show compassion."
Robert (Bob) Moore
Member Since 1988
Jamie Mullen-Hearn
Member Since 2018
"A better understanding of how the local division ladders up to National and how Koch Communications Marketing can better serve The Salvation Army."
Rosemary Niedens
Member Since 2004
Sylvia Penner
Member Since 2016
"I have been aware of The Salvation Army's presence in my community for a long time; however, I only recently became aware of its impact and services."
Karl Peterjohn
Member Since 2017
"Assisting those in our community who are struggling"
Susan Peters
Member Since 2017
Milford Peterson
Member Since 1962
"Hope to help others in some way."
Rodney Pitts
Member Since 2019
"I support the Mission of The Salvation Army and believe in the critical importance of providing these services to our community without discrimination"
Susan Pool
Member Since 1996
"Passion for the mission of the organization."
Ron Rabe
Member Since 2016
Cecil Riney
Member Since 1990
"Service to God?s work."
David Rogers
Member Since 2004
"SA reaches people no one else reaches and always in the name of Jesus"
Ben Scriven
Member Since 2014
"I have been very fortunate in my life. Feel like it is time to do more to give back."
Trent Sebits
Member Since 2016
Kip Smith II
Member Since 2018
"I believe in the mission of the organization and would like to help with carrying out that mission in any way I can."
Eric Strickler
Member Since 2019
Jennifer Szambecki
Member Since 2014
"To serve as Jesus served, love as He loved, offer His hope to our broken world and offer resources to the under-served."
Brian Truskett
Member Since 2018
"To use my talents to serve the mission of The Salvation Army in our community."
Jake Wayman
Member Since 2018
"Because the mission is core to who I am and want to be. Restore hope and transforming lives is what life is about."
David White
Member Since 2012
"To use my God given talents to be of service to a great Christian organization"
Tim Witsman
Member Since 1983
"To advance the great work of The Salvation Army."

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