Whether you're packaging meals to distribute to those in need, or painting a room at one of our corps, there are countless ways for you to give back to your community and offer the priceless gift of your time. There are opportunities to volunteer for individuals, families, schools, organizations and businesses.

To find ways to volunteer and support your community, please see the listings of the Corps Community Center, or contact our Volunteer Resources Office.

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Corporate Volunteer Projects

Thanks to our friends from Blue Cross Blue Shield who volunteered at Harbor Light in February. They provided help in the kitchen by making sandwiches, bagged lunches and fruit cups along with serving in the lunch line. The kitchen staff appreciated all their help and even shared a tasty cole slaw recipe. At the end of their shift, BCBS volunteers asked the kitchen staff to join them in the picture.  Thanks to everyone from Blue Cross Blue Shield who took the time to show how much they care!  

Thanks to our friends from Deloitte who came out to Chicago Temple Corps Community Center last week. They painted our kettles and kettle stands and replaced holiday signs, ensuring that everything is ready to go for our upcoming kettle season. Thanks to everyone from Deloitte who participated in this fun volunteer event!

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