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Partners in Doing the Most Good

We've changed lives and given hope to countless people throughout the nation. But we never do it alone.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our Emergency Disaster Services team! We serve all of Metro-Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Our volunteers play an essential role in our disaster response activity. Our Mission and Ministry is to offer hope to those in crisis.

We value your time. There are many facets to volunteering with the Salvation Army. From deploying to the site of a natural disaster to serving on our canteen in support of people in crisis, you will find an opportunity that accommodates you.

To understand who you are and to ensure safety, across functional areas, we have 3 required steps to become a credentialed volunteer with us:

  1. Fill out a profile on our National Database. This gives us a deeper understanding of what you’d like to do when you volunteer. It provides online training that is required to volunteer with us. It enables us to track any future training that you may take. Finally, it allows us to ask volunteers to assist us in disasters that happen nationally and internationally.
  2. Fill out a profile on our Metropolitan Better Impact database. Your account here allows us to: engage locally on projects and perform an online background check, eliminating paperwork.
  3. Fill out a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR). When submitted and accepted, allows volunteers to operate our canteens and other vehicles.

These three steps ensure safety: yours, the people we serve and the public whom we interact. We pursue safety with rigor and care. We continue to strive to make the process better and faster.

What you can expect from volunteering at Emergency Disaster Services:

  1. Respect for your time and talent
  2. A volunteer experience that is meaningful
  3. Staff who appreciate you
  4. A broadening perspective on the role of Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services
  5. A place that welcomes your ongoing collaboration
  6. An organization that offers free training to volunteers so that they can broaden their impact

Will you join us? We need your help!

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