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Feb 4, 2020

                Every day there are opportunities for each of us to grow and often it comes through serving others or creating a better world around ourselves. This may sound difficult but finding these opportunities with others makes it easier! The Salvation Army knows this best through our partnerships with other businesses. When local support comes from a business in our community, it creates very easy chances for others to join in & help our mission come to life.

                Ascentra Credit Union embodied this idea during the recent Holiday Season with their Ride 50 campaign. They made it simple to help in the Fight For Good by offering their customers the chance to receive $50 while also dedicating $50 towards the work we do locally for those in need. The campaign totaled $1,650. The Salvation Army is extremely blessed to receive support like this from many areas within our community and we want to recognize Ascentra for being a great example. They selflessly challenged themselves to make it simple for others to seize this opportunity for growth & service. Thank you to Ascentra Credit Union & all who participated in the Ride 50 campaign. We hope to inspire more people to undertake this type of challenge in their own lives with the help of The Salvation Army & businesses like Ascentra.

Do you have a business that is interested in creating a new partnership with us? 

Click Here to learn more and start creating more of an impact by Doing The Most Good.

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