Vital Grant Funding from CCDA

Aug 19, 2020

Caring for one another is not just an act, but a chain of actions...

     Recently our facility & van were in dire need of repair. A furnace fire and safety concerns led to the decision of replacing our building's HVAC system as well repairing our van. None of this would have been possible, however, without the support given by the Clinton County Development Association! Their recent grant award was a true blessing and because of these funds our facility can now operate with a new HVAC system and our van can more safely deliver food, transport youth to Bible School & provide our mobile programs/services.

"We are grateful for the generous gift from the CCDA. The funds were much needed and necessary for upgrades to our equipment. The CCDA has been a valuable partner and we all appreciate their continued support of our community; and their support of The Salvation Army mission."

- Capt. Jeremy Fingar

     The CCDA provides financial assistance through grant programs for local organizations and non-profits that work to improve the quality of life throughout Clinton County. Their history with The Salvation Army has provided funds for a kitchen remodeling in 2018 and now continues with this latest grant award. The CCDA shows their support for those who work to meet the needs of Clinton communities and by doing so they help these vital services continue. The chain of caring action that the CCDA starts, is carried out by The Salvation Army & other similar local organizations & agencies. 

     We thank the Clinton County Development Association for helping The Salvation Army remain a part of this chain of caring action with their long-time support! 

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