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The Salvation Army Strengthens Families

Our resources bring Support & Safety.
By God's grace, we are able to help families create stronger lives together.

How You Can Help

Our Programs equip families for a stronger future

Pathway of Hope:  

This program has given thousands of families the environment and tools needed to create their own success and change lives to ensure their children and future generations do not inherit the hardships they once faced.

This meaningful program equips families with access to life’s most basic needs including:

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Health Services
  • Childcare
  • Legal Services
  • Job Training
  • Spiritual Guidance

When a family is struggling and experiencing barriers that may include issues with bills, child care, employment, or housing, The Salvation Army's Pathway of Hope program is here to help them get back on the track and gain control of their lives again. Upon entering our confidential program, families are given a personal case worker to help them identify the causes and symptoms of their current issues. From here, a personalized action plan is mapped out for the family to learn how to achieve their goals with the assistance of The Salvation Army's resources, but also introduced to additional community resources that benefit their personal growth. After 6 months, families evaluate their progress and ideally graduate from the program with the knowledge to sustain themselves and create a better future for their family, always having the reassurance that we are here as support for them on their new pathway of hope. 



Choosing whether to support a child's development or pay for food and rent can often be the reality for families in our community. That is why The Salvation Army offers a wide range of youth activities and after school development opportunities. We want to make sure every child, no matter their background, has a safe and friendly environment to grow through summer camps, sports or recreational activities, creative art expression, and much more.

Learn More about youth programs

A single mom recently feared homelessness

Recently, a single mom contacted us for help. She had worked hard to buy her new home and care for her child. Things were going well until a pipe burst causing flooding & damage. After paying the large repair bill, her income wasn't enough to cover her other expenses. This unexpected incident resulted in delayed payments and her power was soon disconnected. She applied for our assistance program and we worked together to quickly get her power back on. Such programs help those who face homelessness due to past-due rent or utility bills.

You are eligible if:

* You have at least one child under the age of 18.

* You are ready to take action to improve your future.

(217) 442-5911
Contact Larry Smith, Case Worker: