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The Salvation Army Needs Your Help to Change Lives

Food is a basic need that many adults and kids in our community go without. Here is a simple way you can make a lasting impact today.

Donate now to meet the greatest need.


everyone should have access to nutritional food

We offer so much more than a food basket. As we are able to talk with the individuals that come in, we often find that there are underlying issues of lack of education to get a better paying job or living in unaffordable housing because there is no where else to go. Whether we are able to further assist or to provide them with the resources that can help, our goal is that everyone walks out of our building filled with hope.

Did you know... many families in our community can't afford to shop nutritionally because they don't make enough money. 

Did you know... by purchasing a few extra bags of frozen or canned food items you can make a positive impact on a family in need. 

Did you know... parents are faced with having to choose between bills or buying groceries, creating a stressful environment for their family.

You your local food pantry by donating goods. A great way is to host a food drive at your school or workplace.

You can... volunteer to help stock the shelves and pack boxes for the families we serve.

You can... give monetarily allowing the pantry to purchase the needs we most see in the community. 


Our food pantry is open every Friday from 9:00a-12:00p. To become a pantry volunteer or to make a food donation call 317.299.4454 or email us at

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Valif Photo ID
  • Proof of Address (utility bill, copy of lease, piece of mail, etc.)
  • Complete Intake Form
  • Complete Client Data Management System - Client Privacy Notice & Consent Form

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