Shelter During A Personal Storm

Aug 8, 2013

The last few years have made Rozzette feel like she was a modern-day Job. This divorced mother, who has a teenage daughter to care for, has experienced one struggle after another for quite some time.

She has had to deal with multiple health conditions including congestive heart failure and possible renal failure. In addition to this heartbreaking news, Rozzette was laid off from her job.

Due to the loss of income, Rozzette fell behind on rental payments. When she came to The Salvation Army for help, Rozzette was in dire straits because she was facing a court-ordered eviction. She didn’t know what to do and felt like she had nowhere to turn.

Thanks to kind friends like you who believe in helping neighbors who are hurting, The Salvation Army was able to provide support to Rozzette. We sheltered her with love and kindness during her personal storm. Through spiritual counseling, we shared God’s love with her, so that she could find comfort as she worked to rebuild her life. We also did what we could to ensure Rozzette and her daughter weren’t left homeless. We offered her rental assistance and helped with other basics that would allow Rozzette to get her life back on track when no one else would.

Your gifts help us provide life-changing programs and services that will lift up people like Rozzette who face one hardship after another. Thank you for helping us help them.


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