Bringing Hope and Help in the Midst of COVID-19 With Project Isaiah 41

May 4, 2020

With a presence in almost every ZIP code in America, The Salvation Army is uniquely positioned to respond to the unique needs of people living in poverty. These challenges are exponentially magnified during times of crisis, including pandemics like coronavirus (COVID-19). Across the United States, we are stepping up to the challenge and continue to serve the most vulnerable populations in each community. This is just one of many stories of how we are meeting the needs of those who rely on The Salvation Army during difficult times.

Project Isaiah 41 selected Detroit as one of ten cities across the U.S. to bring food relief to our most vulnerable neighbors. As a result, in April we unloaded a total of 60,000 meals from their truck to feed our most vulnerable neighbors in Detroit. The Salvation Army of Metro Detroit’s Bed & Bread Program serves more than 3,500 meals each day to men, women, and children who would otherwise go without. In addition, the Bed & Bread program provides nearly 118,000 nights of shelter annually.

The tremendous donation from Project Isaiah 41 has allowed us to serve many who are experiencing fear, frustration, and anxiety in these unprecedented times. The donation has also allowed our trained drivers to spend more focused time on bringing hope and identifying other resources families need during this crisis. We are hosting individuals and families we have never met or served before, and these meals have everything a person can carry in a handled bag whether they are walking or in a wheelchair. Some are representing families that are shut in. We received a message from our chef that truly says it all:

“We are seeing a major shift in who is asking for meals. We are handing out more family items for multiple days. The food items are packaged EXACTLY how we need them. It gives our drivers the ability to interact longer with our clients, instead of prepping meals and having to rush to the next stop.”

This contribution allowed us more time to build relationships with people. A smile, a listening ear and a well-balanced meal can do wonders for a worried heart and mind.

If you need help or want to give help, find your local Corps Community Center and get connected! You can also make a donation to support our work in your community.

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