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Hope Makes the Greatest Gift Image

Hope Makes the Greatest Gift

We offer support services & programs during the Holiday Season for families in need.
With local support, our communities can all share the love.

Join In Support

Angel Tree Sign Up...

November 16 - 18 - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Please bring a picture ID, proof of current address, proof of everyone in your house and proof of children 14 years old and under.

(Medical cards, DHS print off are idea they will have everything but your ID)

When We Come Together, We Create Change

We Assist Families & Individuals across The Freeport Communities by...

  • Angel Tree - One of the hardest choices that many families have to face is between providing their children with presents on Christmas day or, often times, shelter/food/transportation or other essentials. This can take an emotional toll that we work to bring an end to alongside countless local supporters. By signing up for our Angel Tree program, families can guarantee their child/children don't feel forgotten this Holiday Season, thanks to the generosity of those around their community & The Salvation Army.

This year we are partnering with Walmart for a Angel Tree Registry for Good. Click Here to See More

  • Partnering Locally - Every year presents new opportunities for our Holiday Season services. Local businesses, individuals & organizations team up with The Salvation Army to offer new ways to meet the unique needs of our community. Whether this means new ways to share funding, raise awareness, start new programs or more, our mission is always strengthening as a part of the local commitment towards Fighting For Good and creating change. 


You Can Change Lives By Supporting Our Work Through... 

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  • Becoming a Bell Ringer - Whether you ring alone, or in a group with friends & family: this is the most engaging and fun way to join our Fight For Good every Holiday Season. Our iconic Red Kettles and Bell Ringers are cornerstones of local inspiration for hope. All those that feel forgotten, lost or in need of even the smallest support are met with life changing assistance brought to life by your efforts. When you partner with your Salvation Army as a Bell Ringer, you are creating a lasting impact. 


  • Donate Directly to Our Local Work - The easiest way to show your support every Christmas for those in need is by helping fund our services & programs. Each year we Fight For Good, and this work continues to grow thanks to the generous giving of our local donation supporters. If you want to make your gift create an even more impactful change, consider becoming a monthly supporter this Holiday Season. 

  • Find a Seasonal Volunteer Role - Without our volunteers, The Salvation Army's mission could never take hold in our community and change as many lives as we have so far. Every Holiday Season there are new chances to discover a new way to give back as a volunteer. Visit our volunteer page today to see what openings we have and join the "army behind the army" by creating life changing moments first-hand!


Other Ways We Meet Needs