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Our works bring God's plan to life Image

Our works bring God's plan to life

From those who follow His word, to the many finding the light alongside us, The Salvation Army provides spiritual services to all

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How We Build A Lasting Relationship With God


  • Adult & Youth Ministries - The Salvation Army offers a place to grow together in the Light of God for all men, women, and children. Our ministry groups plan community engagement, build fellowship, as well as hold retreats and events to grow closer to each other and God. Truly special relationships come from our ministry work and we hope you decide to join us and share the experience. 


  • Worship Services - Every week The Salvation Army comes together with the community to praise the word of God through prayer, song, Bible study, and presentations. We encourage everyone to come join in the worship to fully learn who the officers are leading the amazing services and programs in your neighborhoods; and also to learn why they work so passionately to provide love and support for those in need.


  • Spiritual Care - The Salvation Army's creed of Doing The Most Good can be defined by our tireless efforts to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those around our community. Connecting the two is made possible by our pastoral work in spiritual care. We offer guidance and healing through God's love to all of those our services support and aid. If you are lost, The Salvation Army is here to help you find your way alongside God.

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