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Our Wish List

We are asking for your assistance, in hopes that you and/or your organization can provide much needed resources for our consumers. Although there are many items on our Wish List, if there is something not listed that you and/or your organization would like to donate, please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you and.or your organization. We appreciate your consideration in supporting The Salvation Harbor Light Center and those we serve who are battling addiction and homelessness.

Personal Hygiene 

Shampoo (travel size) Conditioner (travel size) Bath Soap (travel size) Lotion (travel size), 
Combs/Brushes, Hair Clippers, Hair Dryer, Straightener/Curling Iron


Bath Mat, Bath Towels/Wash Clothes, Shower Curtains, Shower Shoes,
Twin Bed Sheets (white) Pillows*, Bed Spreads/Quilts/Blankets*, Egg Shells, Mattress Protectors, Laundry Detergent

Clinical Program

Bus Tickets, Scrub Sets (Sm to 3XL,) Recovery Books/Board Games*, Recovery Bibles, Journals, Ink Pens, Tablets (150--iPads), Projector w/Movie Screen for Gym, Movie Screen for Cafe, Board Games (ex: Monopoly), Movies, Dumdum Suckers/Hard Candies, Nicotine Gum

Graduations Items/Gift Baskets

Caps & Gowns 8 X 10 Certification Frames, Basic Necessary (kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies), socks, kitchen/bathroom towels, Baskets (medium size)

Craft Material

Glue (white, clear, glitter, Lo-Temp glue sticks) Mini Glue Gun (Lo-Temp) Fabric, Thread Beading, Ribbon, Yarn, Paints/Brushes, Art Paper/Scrapbook Paper, Card Stock (white/colored), Canvases, Easels, Coloring Books/Puzzle Books, Markers/Colored Pencils, Supply Baskets/Small Totes Badge Pens, Felt (assorted colors) Popsicle Sticks, Pipe Cleaners, Sun-catchers, Paint-By-Number Painting


Table Covering


Patio Tables/Chairs Bookshelf, Pictures, Faux Plants, Rocking Chair, Rugs, Air Misters/Air Freshers (No Candles, non-aerosol)

*Due to strict guidelines, please call for more information.

For more information, please contact Envoy Charlotte (CeCe) Coffer at 317-224-0722.