A Fall Homecoming For Burlington

Sep 20, 2019

                The blessing of new beginnings are usually thought of in spring, but it is never too late to open a new chapter of life!

We encourage every day to be taken as an opportunity for those we serve to start their path towards newfound happiness and hope. Similarly, The Salvation Army finds new opportunities to grow and better serve which builds a connecting a circle of faith around our success and those alongside us being impacted. Keeping this faith alive during the journey towards a brighter & stronger future can be difficult, especially for 12 years! However, The Salvation Army of Burlington has done just this and it is all thanks to the extremely loyal and dedicated local support from those who believed in our work. Now we are so happy to finally open our new home at 216 Columbus Drive. Thank you to all who have been a part of this long process and will continue to join us as this journey continues!

                In this new chapter for Burlington we are excited to see our food services grow, as well as our ministries and youth programs develop further in this initial phase. Moving forward there are only more exciting plans on the horizon. As our support continues, we will be working towards the eventual addition of a gymnasium and sanctorium too!

                Follow us on this journey and join in the circle of faith we are sharing in our new home. Together we can continue to bring families, children and individuals in need the hope they are looking for every day. You can bring them into a new chapter of life by showing your support for our mission today. Read our website to learn how you can do this or come visit us in the new home of Burlington’s Salvation Army!















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