Army Essentials: Music & Creative Arts

May 10, 2021



Every year, The Salvation Army is honored to have a full week dedicated to celebrating our mission and shining a light on our organization's history. National Salvation Army Week is a great opportunity for new people to discover their local Salvation Army's work and long time supporters to receive thanks for bringing our mission to life every day in their communities.  

To celebrate here in the Heartland Division though, this year we wanted to look at what parts of our mission attribute to the unique successes we see across Central Illinois and Eastern Iowa. We are looking at some of the Army Essentials to celebrate National Salvation Army Week!

When looking back into The Salvation Army's history, it doesn't take long to discover how closely tied music is to our mission's roots. The first official Salvation Army band was formed in 1882 and was originally using music to quell rambunctious crowds that surrounded early Salvation Army preachers. Since then, the power of music has been used to enhance our worship services, connect our communities together, and provide new outlets of expression for local youth. This ability to use creative arts with younger generations is how music has become an Army Essential here in the Heartland Division.

The Music & Creative Arts programming, alongside the Heartland Division's Youth Department, have built an extremely impactful way of delivering The Salvation Army mission to children, teens and young adults. Over the past few years, youth from all around our division's communities have been provided opportunities such as...

  • Music lessons
  • Creative Art Camps
  • Concerts
  • Youth Band / Group Music Sessions
  • Art Theater Lessons
  • & More

This is essential to our Salvation Army presence across the Heartland Division because it has grown to larger success, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The power of creative arts and music is undeniable in our communities. Our staff sees youth members in these programs every week that are building self esteem, developing / learning alongside each other, practicing discipline and unlocking a creative outlook that can impact their lives forever!

From virtual music classes to camp retreats and territorial recording sessions - music is a Salvation Army Essential across the Heartland Division. The impacts speak for themselves when we see a local child transform through a creative arts or music program. Our staff is carrying on the musical tradition of The Salvation Army and changing the lives of future generations. We are blessed and thankful for all of our supporters who have helped these programs grow to reach more of our local youth each year.


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