Healing Flood Victims Far & Wide

Apr 8, 2019

                The service and support we create in The Heartland Division does not have boundaries or borders. Just as God’s love reaches out to all in need, our disaster services have been responding to the victims of spring flooding no matter where they may be.

Captains Timothy & Peggy North from the Iowa City Salvation Army recognized this call and joined the flood relief efforts in Nebraska. Their work over two weeks brought physical and emotional care for communities facing unexpected hardships. Serving food, leading worship, connecting financial assistance and being there for these individuals are all things that help begin the long process of healing. “It’s going to take a while.” Cpt. Tim explained “They are trying to get normalcy back.” This isn’t easy, but being a part of this process is what drives us in The Salvation Army. Cpt. Tim described this passion, “To come alongside people who are hurting and show them they are not alone, it is rewarding.” Such devotion is a shining example of what the entire Salvation Army stands for.

                The commitment of Captains Tim and Peggy made a great impact on those the flooding left unsure and lost. They were able to provide food for both disaster workers and flood victims; and also host spiritual conversations. It was this dynamic of their service that Cpt. Tim was eager to celebrate. “God brings things together and there were great ministry opportunities for us in our time helping. Hopefully we touched them in a spiritual way.”

Most emergencies and disasters are seen by The Salvation Army as opportunities to carry out the work of God and provide a guiding light in dark times to those seeking help and healing. We couldn’t be more proud of our Captains in Iowa City for showing great leadership and bravery in going out to offer themselves as a beacon for the victims of flooding.  They have shown what The Salvation Army is at its roots: an extension of God’s love that brings the most good to those in need, wherever they are in the world.      

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