Mental Health Awareness Month

May 18, 2021

Since 1949 the month of May is observed as Mental Health Awareness month, but what does this mean?

This month is an opportunity for the conversation surrounding mental health to be facilitated and embolden with the help of international organizations whose missions aim at providing support to those in need and education to those who may not be aware of the facts regarding mental health. 

We all experience mental health impacts on a daily basis, both positive and negative. Whether it is stress, anxiety and frustration or excitement, happiness and gratitude - the emotions we take in throughout our lives create an impact that help to shape our overall mental health, and it is extremely important to be mindful and aware of these elements. Taking the time to process emotions and exercise mindfulness is as essential to our health as eating nutritious meals or regular physical activity. Mental health is also much more than the 18% of Americans who actively struggle with illnesses like depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. It is a key part of everyone's wellness and happiness.

Please use the links below to explore some tools made for this year's Mental Health Awareness month by Mental Health America!


The Salvation Army is a strong advocate for mental and spiritual health, with pastoral care being a core part of our mission since the organization's beginnings. Our commitment to serving the whole person goes back to William Booth's expression: Soup, Soap & Salvation. Every local Salvation Army across the Heartland Division embodies this through the implementation of our services. No matter who turns to our mission for assistance, we are proud to meet their needs on every level. 

Every day, The Salvation Army sees the mental health impacts that come from life challenges our local neighbors in need are facing. Anxiety, frustration, worry, sadness and so much more are clearly seen in the faces of the men, women and children our mission meets locally. These are people who may be one paycheck away from homelessness, suddenly facing unemployment, unsure where their next meal may come from or simply feeling lost in life and in need of a friend. The Salvation Army recognizes the variety of physical and spiritual needs in our communities and lends itself to be whatever each individual needs our mission to be in their life.

This is how we broadly address mental health issues on an individual level, but our mission offers more!

  • The Salvation Army is a community church - For those looking to celebrate their faith or discover it for the first time, we offer a place to connect and worship together.
  • The Salvation Army offers pastoral care - Many have reached out to local Salvation Army officers for guidance and been met with open ears and hearts. Our local leadership is always a great place to find a friend when you are in need.
  • The Salvation Army is always available - We know that the Fight For Good has no break and that is why there are resources available for anyone to use, day or night (see below).

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