Seeing Success & Change: Burlington

Apr 25, 2019

                Our success across The Salvation Army can be hard to measure and understand sometimes. Our work branches from physical aid to spiritual guidance, and often a blend of the two. Reporting success from these types of services can be difficult if not impossible. What we do know is that these two elements of our service meet under our roofs. The Corps Community buildings that we operate within across the Heartland Division stands as a symbol as well as a structure. It is the home of your Salvation Army and where our mission is carried through to the surrounding communities. So when a new building opens its doors, it is a clear sign of our success!


Bringing New Life to Our Long-standing Mission

The Salvation Army of Burlington & Des Moines County has been in the process of reaching their new home in the community for quite some time. The long process is coming to an end soon and the excitement is building everyday as construction brings the vision to life. While the current Corps Community center lacks many of the modern updates that will be housed in the new building, this upgrade will not be excessive or wasteful in any capacity. “The buildings are about the same size actually”, Corps Officer Lieutenant Dennis Jolly noted, “This new building is just a much smarter use of space.” The planning that went into this layout design allows for newer amenities such as the full size kitchen and expanded food pantry. These are matched by the growing potential of some services such as a larger Pathway Of Hope program and additional youth programs. Altogether, the new building is going to be the start of a new chapter for the communities around Des Moines County. “I think this will be more efficient than what we have now, and more sustainable. I’m really looking forward to it.” said Lt. Jolly.

                While the official finish date has not been announced, you can expect to go visit the new home of The Salvation Army very soon! With success this big, we know there will be a celebration on the horizon and we can’t wait to see the halls filled with local partners, supporters, and those who we help through our mission to do the most good for all in need. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this long journey and continually given their faith and trust to The Salvation Army of Burlington & Des Moines County. Because of the outstanding support we received this dream is now a reality that we can soon share with all of you. We know this success will bring only bigger and better changes. We can’t wait to welcome you to our new home! You can stay up to date with us on Facebook or go visit us online here to see when our doors will officially open.

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