Seeing Success & Change: Davenport

Apr 10, 2019

         A new chance at leading a more positive and happy life is something that rarely comes along for those who need it most. Obstacles and hardships often come when we least expect them to and this leaves many struggling to maintain control of their lives. This can create a cycle that continually keeps those in need from reaching their full potential as well as prevent them from accessing future opportunities for growth, love, and success.     

Giving Families A Brighter Future 

         The Pathway of Hope program has given countless families across the Heartland Division the understanding and support they needed in order to regain control of their life and lift themselves into success and happiness. This journey is not a quick process and along the way there are many obstacles that must be faced, however, there are also opportunities. Parents working in our Pathway of Hope programs learn to how to exercise life skills such as goal setting, planning, problem solving, emotional control and many more. These skills are carried forward to their children and it is here where the Pathway of Hope brings the most success. By providing the tools, not just temporary assistance, to overcome life challenges, we ensure better opportunities for the future generations of our communities.

         This is truly hard work for both the families and case managers involved. The dedication and drive that is shown in the process of this program is something special that we never want to forget and so we always take time to celebrate the successes along the way. The Salvation Army of Davenport showed just how we recognize the effort and commitment in our Pathway of Hope programs by hosting their graduation ceremony for the most recent families to find new light in their lives.


Some of the experiences shared by the graduates truly shows how powerful and important this program is for the community -

Gerry Chambers: “I am grateful there are programs like this, it is a beautiful thing to know someone actually does care. The Salvation Army was there for me and I have become a better person. They have given me the tools and taught me how to help myself. I have learned there are always other ways to overcome obstacles.”

John Turner: “I have realized that giving and receiving is two sides of the same coin. You have to give in order to properly receive. The Salvation Army showed me this and was there to believe in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. It has been a special thing to have someone there to comfort me along the way.”

Nicole Ingwerson: “I have kept a steady job and apartment for a year. I have accomplished a lot because of the help I got”

Ashley Moore: “I have learned a lot: budgeting money, how to maintain schedules and appointments, setting goals, and we accomplished all of them together!”  

         Thank you to all who help make this type of change in Davenport – Majors Scott & Jolinda Shellborn, Malia & Sonia the on-site case workers and all the families that put their trust into The Salvation Army to lead them down this Pathway of Hope. These successes can carry into your community by showing continued support to The Salvation Army. With your generosity and passion for bringing families in need into a new life, we can keep doing the most good together. Learn how you can do this today and follow our Facebook page in order to see more coverage of our locations across the whole Heartland Division!


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