The Impact of The Arts

Jun 13, 2019

When art has an effect on life, the results are undeniable. A song that makes people smile, a play that moves audiences to tears, or a mural that draws a crowd from the streets – we can all relate to these sudden shifts in thought and mood that art has stirred within us. How can this powerful tool be further used for positive impacts? You do not have to look any further than your local Salvation Army.

We have shared our mission to do the most good and provide for those in need time and again, but what exactly this means is difficult to define because we do so much to serve! A unique part of this mission that we have highlighted in the past is our youth programs that aim to support future generations by offering healthy and loving environments/opportunities for their growth and learning. One of these places is our Academy of the Preforming Arts in Peoria. By offering children and teens a place to discover musical talents we have seen a rippling effect throughout their lives. Those that are involved see improvement in academic learning, positive emotional growth and much more. Watch below to view these amazing results first hand:  

This is only one part of our initiative to spread these opportunities for artistic expression across the entire Heartland Division. The youth within all of our communities have other exciting ways to get engaged with this part of our mission through programs like our summer music or art camps. You can read our other entries here to learn how the passion for these programs comes from great people like our Band Master Peter Kim. We will continue to bring these special moments to life for the teens and children because we see what difference it makes. The future generations of our communities are blessed to receive your support, and we celebrate and share their praise in moments like this. You can help spread this impact too! Let others know that when you partner with your Salvation Army, you are helping expand and grow the ways that we offer to Do The Most Good. Thank you for keeping creativity alive for all our youth by believing in our programs and services like the Academy of the Preforming Arts.

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