40 Days of Story Prayer: A Prayer Podcast

Mar 1, 2023

Captain Catherine Fitzgerald, corps officer at The Salvation Army New Albany, has kicked off a new podcast, '40 Days of Story Prayer', as a guide to pray imaginatively through the story of Scripture. One episode will be released every day from now until Easter (April 9). We had the opportunity to sit down with Captain Catherine asking to give deeper insight into 'story prayer' and the new podcast.

Q: What is story prayer?

A: Story prayer is a way of praying through scripture and imagining it as if we had been there, either a participant or an observer.  It helps us look at the Biblical narrative from different perspectives and notice details that we often miss from casual reading, not only the physical details of the story but also our response to it.   

Q: What made you decide to put together this podcast now?

A: I have been praying this way for the past year and it has really opened my eyes to notice new details about scripture and helped me to spend time with Jesus.  I feel like I know Jesus more closely than I did before I started praying this way.  I also feel like I sense what he might be saying to me more often.   As I have prayed like this over the past year, I looked for a resource like this and I couldn’t find one anywhere.  I felt like God was inviting me to do it.  With Lent being a season for us to focus on Jesus, it just seemed a fitting time to release it, though it can be used in any season.    

Q: Is this kind of prayer for everyone?

A: I have a super active imagination, so it really resonates with me. There are probably some people that it is harder to really get into but spending time with Jesus is for everyone!  I would encourage everyone to try it before they decide if it is for them or not.

Q: What do you want people to know about the Story Prayer podcast?

A: First I want them to know that these reflections are my own and if there is a question or implication that doesn’t resonate with you, just ignore it and focus on the scripture.  I hope that anything that is not from the Holy Spirit will fall on deaf ears.  Second, I want you to know that these are very, very relaxing, I often fall asleep! I hope no one feels guilty for falling asleep because rest is a gift from God!  But, if you really want to engage and spend time with Jesus, you will have to figure out the right time to listen.

Q: Why did you choose a podcast instead of written devotionals?

A: I find that to truly engage my imagination, listening is easier than reading.  Reading engages an analytical part of my brain, and it is more difficult to switch between reading and imagining than listening and imagining.  I really hope that by listening, people will be able feel as if they were there and with Jesus and notice what Jesus wants to say to them. 

Q: How do we listen to the Story Prayer Podcast?

A: You can listen on the websiteApple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, or iHeartradio.  The links for all of these are on the website.  Once you find it, follow it so you’ll be able to easily find it again.  If you like it, make sure to rate it so other people can find it in the future. 

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