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Who We Are

We are dedicated to "Doing the Most Good"
In Indiana.

Who we Are

The Salvation Army Indiana Division operates 28 Worship and Service Centers in addition to many Salvation Army thrift stores throughout the state of Indiana. The Salvation Army throughout Indiana is centrally managed by the Salvation Army Indiana Division headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Vision Statement

The Salvation Army, Indiana Division, is a recognized leader in serving the work of God through innovative statewide ministry and community programs dedicated to strengthening the body, mind and spirit of those in greatest need.

Diversity Statement

The Salvation Army affirms its full support, on all levels, to the Biblical imperative of human and civil rights, and seeks to promote intergroup understanding by practicing equal opportunity in all operations, delivery of services, community engagement, employment and decision-making, and by encouraging the inclusion of diverse members of our society.    

Our Local Leadership

  • Major Robert A. Webster, Divisional Commander
  • Major Collette B. Webster, Divisional Director of Women’s Ministries / Officer Development Secretary
  • Major Beth Petrie, Divisional Secretary
  • Major Keith Petrie, Divisional Men’s Ministries Secretary / EDS Trainer
  • Major Janet Litherland, Divisional Secretary for Business
  • Major Rachel Stouder, Divisional Secretary for Program
  • Major Jeremy Stouder, Divisional Business Officer
  • Major Dan Sawka, Divisional Youth Secretary / Divisional Candidates Secretary
  • Major Stephanie Sawka, Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary / Older Adult Ministries / Compassionate Care Ministries

Development Staff

  • Duke Haddad, Executive Director of Development (317) 224-1029
  • Delana Bradbury, Administrative Assistant and Memorial, Honor and Stock Coordinator (317) 224-1012
  • Jessika Devine, Donor Relations Director (502)-541-1992
  • Amy Spears, Donor Relations Director (317) 224-1004
  • Rob Stiles, Donor Relations Director (317) 224-1027
  • Amanda Eck, Donor Relations Assistant (317) 224-1026
  • Jo Ann Remender, Gift & Estate Planning Director, Central Indiana (317) 224-1008
  • Kristen Bourke, Planned Giving Administrative Assistant (317) 224-1022
  • Christi Thieme, Gift & Estate Planning Representative, Southern Indiana (317) 224-1039
  • Caryl Murphy, Divisional Estate Manager (317) 224-1038
  • Jennifer Jarrell, Director of Annual Giving & Database Services (317) 224-1005
  • Denise Ruth, Direct Mail Marketing and Donor Data Assistant (317) 224-1006
  • Andy Amick, Director of Corporate Relations (317) 224-1024

Community Relations Department

  • Samantha Hyde, Director of Community Relations office: (317) 224-2000 cell: ( 317) 750-2406
  • Katherine Basaran, Communications Manager (317) 418-6469
  • Deena Ford, Special Events Manager (317) 222-7873

Other Divisional Staff

  • Beth Curtiss Executive Assistant to the Divisional Commander (317) 224-1009
  • Susan Solmon Divisional Social Services Director (317) 937-7022 
  • Dena Simpson, Assistant Divisional Social Services Director
  • Billie Kay, Service Extension Director (317) 224-1055

Get in Touch

PHONE (317) 937-7000

TOLL FREE (800) 589-1037

FAX (317) 937-7010

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Red Shield Radio:

Red Shield Radio hit the WIBC airwaves on January 28, 2007 and has been broadcast every Sunday (except the day of the Indianapolis 500 race in May) ever since. Hosted by Sam Hyde, Red Shield Radio keeps listeners up-to-date on the latest Salvation Army news in Indiana and across the world. Each week a special guest joins Sam on the program to discuss the many ways of giving back our communities. From local celebrities to non-profit leaders and Salvation Army volunteers, listeners can always expect to learn something new when they tune in.

Listen to Red Shield Radio's Podcasts!


Indiana Divisional Headquarters
6060 Castleway West Drive. Indianapolis, IN 46250

 Worship and Service Center Locations

 Harbor Light Center

Ruth Lilly Women and Children's Center

Service Extension Locations

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