All is Not Lost

Sep 3, 2020

Jay County, IN − “The people I have helped have been really appreciative and have really needed it. These are people who have never had help before,” shared Andrea Milthaler, who volunteers her time for The Salvation Army’s Jay County Service Extension. Andrea has seen many new faces during the COVID-19 pandemic and knows how much of an an impact a simple act of charity can have on the lives of her struggling neighbors.

She recently shared the story of Jeff and his wife, Margaret, who came to The Salvation Army for help in a critical time and found relief and solidarity in the Jay County community. Jeff was experiencing serious health issues due to liver failure and was on temporary disability. He knew that he would need to file for full disability, meaning that he would be unable to work at all during that time. With Margaret already on disability, the couple began to plan ahead by stocking their freezer with food to make sure they had enough to eat while neither was working. Unfortunately, their freezer broke and all of their carefully saved food was lost. The couple was left without a way to feed themselves during this already tough time. 

The Salvation Army of Jay County was ready to help when Jeff and Margaret called. Andrea was able to help the couple replace their lost food and connect them with an agency that could help them secure a new refrigerator and freezer.

“Jeff contacted me later and said that if they hadn’t had that help with the food, they wouldn’t have been able to eat,” Andrea said.

In times of crisis, The Salvation Army is here for people like Jeff and Margaret. Sometimes, individuals fall into hardships and have to ask for help in a way they’ve never needed to before, but thanks to the generous donations of people like you, we are able to continue serving families and individuals during times of struggle.

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