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Aug 21, 2020 | by Kelli Carver

David came to the Johnson County Red Shield Center over a year ago in hopes of securing a place to live after getting a new job. He had been unemployed for several months, had no place to live, and had little money to move into an apartment. David heard from a friend that he might be able to get some help from The Salvation Army, so he scheduled an appointment to see what could be done to assist him.

Upon arrival to the Red Shield Center, services coordinator Julia Osterberg calmed David’s fears and helped get him connected to a program in Johnson County that could help him obtain housing. Through this program, he was able to move into an apartment. David was thriving at his new job and everything was finally looking up after so much struggle.

“Things had been going well with his employment and he was maintaining housing,” recalled Julia. But several months later, David returned to the Red Shield Center to meet with Julia. He was having trouble working full-time due to chronic health issues and was in the process of filing for disability. Because of his changed employment situation, David no longer met the requirements of the program he had been using to secure housing. He had tried several different agencies and organizations in Johnson County, but he did not qualify for assistance.

Once more, The Salvation Army was there to help. “We were able to provide rent and utility assistance when no one else could,” Julia explained. “We also were able to give him resources and agencies he could contact so that he could maintain his housing while he was filing for disability.”

David recently stopped by the Red Shield Center to check in and give Julia an update on his situation.  “Things are going really well for me,” he told her. “I can’t say thank you enough to the Johnson County Red Shield Center for helping me when no one else would.”

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