Asking for Help

Mar 7, 2023

Angie Quinn, Outreach Coordinator for The Salvation Army Miami County Service Extension Unit, has served with the organization for more than ten years. During her time here, she has assisted local families with a variety of needs, from keeping the lights on to putting food on the table. Recently Angie has seen an uptick in calls from families seeking assistance for the first time.  

“Just the other day, we had a call from a woman by the name of Lauren,” explained Angie. “She never thought she would find herself in a tough spot until that day came.” When Lauren’s husband walked out on the family, she had nowhere else to turn. At the darkest point in her life, she was left alone to provide for their six children, all of whom were under the age of ten. It was not long before Lauren discovered a number of bills were due, and that the money she was left with was being swallowed by the increasing prices of everyday items like gas and groceries.  

Feeling lost and hopeless, Lauren picked up the phone and called Angie at The Salvation Army, asking for any assistance she was willing to provide to her and her children. “I remember when she initially called, she was embarrassed to be asking for help,” added Angie. “However, when she shared her story with me, I just knew we needed to assist her and her family.” 

After carefully reviewing her situation and her current finances, The Salvation Army of Miami County approved Lauren for the maximum amount of utility assistance available, removing a heavy weight from her shoulders. Angie also connected Lauren with local partners that could further assist her. “I told her that we were going to give all we could to see that she received the help she needed,” she explained. “And of course, she was so grateful.” 

Lauren’s family is just one of thousands that The Salvation Army will assist this year. “I look forward to helping local families,” said Angie. “They need to know that no matter what they are experiencing, The Salvation Army is here to help them.” 

When you make a donation to The Salvation Army, you are gifting hope to local families on their hardest days. Thank you. 

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