Faith and Perseverance

Mar 27, 2024

Today's economic climate has resulted in increased struggle and financial hardship for many local families, but Marie’s story is also one of resilience, hard work, and hope.

Last October, Marie arrived at the doorstep of the Ruth Lilly Women & Children’s Center with her four children, homeless and burdened by debt. Marie was struggling to manage rent and essential bills while providing for the needs for her children. In the face of adversity, though, she showed an incredible amount of courage by seeking aid from The Salvation Army.

“I had previously stayed at The Salvation Army many years ago due to family situations, so I knew they could help me and my family,” Marie shared. When she turned to The Salvation Army, Marie was determined not to allow her hardships take over. She entered the shelter with a mindset to regain self-sufficiency and secure a home for her family before the holiday season.

"My children keep me going,” Marie explained. “Whenever my family faces tough times, I try to show them that God can handle any problem. While we ask God for help, it's important to stay humble and use the resources available to us."

Fearless in the face of her challenges, Marie set out to bring stability for her family. While staying at the shelter, she took on a second job and saved every penny to settle the mounting bills. Yet, what truly shone through Marie's journey was the unity and support within her family. Together, they navigated the hurdles, leveraging every resource and service available to them.

“Marie took all the initiative and did a lot of work,” said Albat Mulbah, Pathway of Hope Coordinator at the shelter. “I gave her the resources and she was able to get a lot done by herself. She is a very determined mom.” Just two months after entering the shelter, Marie’s hard work paid off. She secured a safe and stable home just weeks before the arrival of Christmas.

“We don’t see families that size find homes and get back on their feet that quickly,” said Albat. “Our average stay for a family of five is four to five months, so it really shows how determined she was and how hard she worked.”

Marie is still working two jobs to support her family in their new home. She stays in contact with her case manager to help build on her successes. Her journey, which was marked by unwavering determination and community support, stands as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and the hope that can be found at The Salvation Army.

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