Looking to the Future

Sep 1, 2020

Jackson County, Indiana − Janice is a single mom with three children. She is no stranger to hardship and has overcome tremendous obstacles to get where she is today. For years Janice struggled with addiction and run-ins with law enforcement. She found strength in a recovery program, gained a newfound sense of responsibility, and has now been sober for more than three years. Today, this transformed mom puts the needs of her children first and works hard at a full-time job to provide for them on her own.  

As Janice was saving for a larger home for her growing family, she came up against a new obstacle. In spite of all she had done to atone for the sins of her past, Janice still couldn’t get approved for rental housing due to her criminal history. While there were many promising options for a larger rental house, Janice and her three children were stuck in their tiny two-bedroom home. Then in June, Janice finally found a rental home with more space and a landlord who would accept her application.  Although this may not seem like much, to Janice it was a major accomplishment. 

Like many people, Janice faced major challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her regularly scheduled work hours were reduced to part-time, she experienced some unexpected medical issues, and she needed to pay for expensive car repairs so that she could travel safely to work. Janice had to utilize a large portion of the money she had been saving for housing in order to meet her family’s basic needs. 

With her finances strained and her chance at better housing slipping away, Janice turned to The Salvation Army with a plea for help. She was surprised to learn that her criminal past and status as a recovering addict had no bearing on how The Salvation Army could help her family. Because of generous donors like you, we were able to provide Janice with $500 toward her first month's rent. 

Today, Janice and her children are safe in their new home. As she rebuilds their lives and recovers from the devastating effects of the pandemic, Janice knows that she can always count on The Salvation Army to provide hope for her future, not another reminder of her past.

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