Picking Up The Pieces

May 19, 2023

Life can be unpredictable causing us to face challenges we never expected. Anthony, a 38-year-old father, experienced just that when his wife walked out on him and their 7-year-old son. The sudden loneliness sent his life spiraling, and he began to feel like he had lost all control. Anthony’s mental health started to decline as he found it difficult to cope with his emotions. Before he knew it, he had lost his job and was $3,000 behind on his utility bills. With no way of being able to catch up on payments, Anthony and his son were forced to move in with his mother. 

With nowhere else to turn, Anthony called The Salvation Army service extension unit in Daviess County, Indiana, to see if they could provide a helping hand. When Sherry, a Salvation Army volunteer, listened to Anthony’s story, her heart went out to him. She was not going to stop until every bill was paid.

“We are able to provide our clients with additional information and referrals,” Sherry explained. “Working with many different agencies, we can always find ways to help.” With the assistance of various community resources, The Salvation Army of Daviess County was able to cover the $3,000 in full, along with the hookup fees to get his utilities turned back on. In just a few weeks, Anthony and his son were able to move back to the place they called home.  

Not long after, Anthony contacted Sherry again to share how his appreciation and an update on how he was doing “He called me and shared that he had a job interview with a great facility near his home,” said Sherry. “It was just a few days later he called again to tell me that he had got the job.” Anthony was able to secure a job that not only allowed him to provide for the family but also allowed him to be present in his son’s life.

However, his mental health was still in a dark place. He turned to the network of support that The Salvation Army had created for him and was able to seek counseling to better himself. “With the help we provided, Anthony was able to have a fresh start to get back on his feet,” added Sherry. “And of course, we were very happy about that.” With your donations to The Salvation Army, fathers like Anthony are able to start planning for the future and working towards a better life for their families.  

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