Providing a Lifeline

Sep 8, 2023

Resilient 19-year-old Jessica had taken on the large responsibility of caring for her two younger siblings. She was taking any available shift at work to make ends meet, but due to surging grocery and gas prices she fell $24 short of her monthly rent payment. Just the thought of a missed payment made her feel hopeless.

Determined to keep a roof over her family’s heads, Jessica called The Salvation Army Montgomery County Service Extension Unit to ask if they could provide any financial assistance. The volunteers at the unit immediately offered support, providing encouraging words as they reviewed her situation.

Filled with gratitude, Jessica met with Clay Adams, a representative from The Salvation Army. In the meeting, Jessica opened up to Clay, further explaining that poverty seemed to be a never-ending pattern in her family, and she was determined to put a stop to it. She wanted to show her younger siblings the benefits of working hard and setting goals. However, inflation created an obstacle too large for her budget to overcome.

As Clay listened to Jessica, his heart went out to her family. Recognizing the urgent need for assistance, Clay assured Jessica that The Salvation Army would help her bridge the gap in her rent payment. Jessica immediately felt that weight lifted off her shoulders, but Clay knew that covering just $24 was not going to help the family avoid these obstacles in the future.

He asked Jessica if she had any other payments that needed to be made. She showed him an $89 utility bill that had been weighing heavily on her mind. Grateful for the assistance already received, she promised him that she could pay the bill after she got paid the next week. Clay told her not to worry, as The Salvation Army would cover that one as well.

Relief washed over Jessica as she realized that The Salvation Army was not only covering immediate needs but ensuring that her family could get back on their feet. Clay's genuine concern provided a lifeline for Jessica and her siblings, showing her that she no longer had to fight every battle alone. The blessings provided to this family are a strong testament to how community support of The Salvation Army makes families and communities stronger. Thank you for helping us do the most good through your generosity.

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