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May 9, 2023

Romans 12:13 shares, “When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.”  

The Salvation Army Service Extension Unit of Hancock County put these words into action when Martha’s family gave them a call. Martha adored her home. The apartment was small but cozy. She did not own many belongings, but the walls were covered in framed photos to display the many memories she shared with friends and family.  

One day, Martha unexpectedly received a potential eviction notice. She became deeply concerned, as she was a long-time resident of the apartment and had developed a great relationship with her landlord. It had come to management’s attention that Martha had received rent assistance from the state. Feeling as if she may not be able to afford her current housing any longer, the property was evicting her. Fortunately, Martha was surrounded by a loving community.  

Her loving family and friends jumped in to help by calling nearby properties to check on pricing and availability. However, the affordable housing crisis made it difficult to find anything that would fit within Martha’s budget. Together, her family and friends took a team approach, assigning each person an area to scout rental properties that may work. With no luck, Martha’s son turned to the help of local organizations to see if they could assist his mother in finding a new home. 

Minutes before he called, The Salvation Army of Hancock County was notified of an available apartment that would be a perfect fit for a local in need. Martha and her family were excited to successfully find a new place for her to call home. However, Martha was going to have to move earlier than expected, causing her to break her lease agreement. This unexpectedly doubled rental expenses. Not knowing what else to do, The Salvation Army of Hancock County was able to cover her moving costs to ease her financial stress while moving.  

Though we have all seen the impact of the lack of affordable housing, senior citizens have become particularly vulnerable. Every time you give to The Salvation Army, you are changing a life. Thank you for your continued support of The Salvation Army and the ministries in your local area.  

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