We Always Find a Way

Sep 23, 2022

“We’re here to help out with whatever we can. When people share their needs, we provide,” shared Marie Hartsell, an employee of The Salvation Army service extension unit in Marshall County, Indiana. For the past ten years, Marie has been assisting individuals in her community with the great needs they face by using local Salvation Army funds, the majority of which were raised by the annual Red Kettle campaign. 

Every second and fourth Wednesday a month, Marshall County’s service extension unit opens its community food pantry, providing food for anyone in the community. Marie says that during this time it is clear to see the need in the surrounding communities. “These individuals come in for food, and they share just how devastating their situations are. These good people have just found themselves in a hard spot.” 

However, Jaree, a staff member at the unit, says that Marshall County has seen an abundance of utility shutoff notices. “Individuals come to the food pantry to get food, and they bring utility bills with them, asking if we can assist them,” she said. “We always find a way.” 

Earlier this year, Emilia came to the food pantry in hopes to find help. Finding Marie and Jaree, she explained that she had found herself in turmoil. “She said her spouse came to her and handed her four or five unpaid bills, two of which were shutoff notices,” said Marie. “Then, her husband left her and their three children.”  

All at once, Emilia was forced to cope with her financial and relationship struggles, in addition to caring for three children all under the age of twelve. “We let her know she wasn’t alone in this process,” added Jaree. “With the assistance of The Salvation Army and another local ministry, we were able to get Emilia back on her feet.” 

Months later, Emilia continues to stop by the food pantry to catch up with Marie and Jaree, letting them know how things are going. Though she faced obstacles that seemed too large, she overcame them. “She just stopped by today actually. It was good to see her,” said Marie. “We made sure she had some food on her way out the door.” 

When you donate to The Salvation Army, you are providing your fellow neighbors with more than just food, heat, and water. You are providing light to those who feel like all hope is gone. Thank you for making these programs possible. 

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