2018 Kent County Annual Report

Jun 5, 2019


In last year’s letter to our community, I focused on the ‘seed’ we planted in the early phases of the development of our Kent County Strategic Plan. This year, I’m pleased to report that we have been successful in nurturing the plan and have seen growth and progress in every facet of the process.

We have stayed true to our original goals:

1. Our work will be done with integrity

2. Our presence will make a difference in our community

3. Our operations will reflect efficiency and sustainability.

Under the guidance of George and Susan Heartwell, we have also identified several objectives for each goal and have developed actionable strategies that satisfy each objective, assuring that the plan touches every facet of our work in Kent County, including programs, services, staffing and facilities.   

We have been continually blessed by the altruistic support from the community, volunteers, staff and officers as various details of the plan unfold. Only time will tell in what ways The Salvation Army will serve Kent County in 5, 10 or even 20 years. It’s worth talking about, planning for and becoming energized about the possibilities.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the success of our work. It has been my sincere privilege to serve and uphold the work of The Salvation Army in Kent County.  


Major Norman Grainger

Kent County Coordinator  


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