"My Story" Featuring - Corps Administrator Tammy Miller

Jul 19, 2018

Why I love working for The Salvation Army…

I have been a part of The Salvation Army my entire life and have seen lives changed through the work of the leaders, staff and members of the church. My family was not surprised when I wanted to be in full time ministry as a pastor. I wanted to bring Christ to a broken and suffering world. In 1991, I took the steps and was ordained as a Salvation Army Officer.

One Christmas, I gave a small gift to the children in a Kindergarten class. The teacher, with tears in her eyes, came up to thank me afterward. She shared with me that this small gift would be the only thing that one of her students would receive this Christmas. She explained that “Mary’s” family had to move in with her Aunt when they lost their home a month ago. The two single moms had 9 children between the two of them and they had nothing. I looked over and saw Mary smiling as she held her gift. I knew that we could do something special for them. On Christmas Eve, we went to Mary’s house. A couple of children opened the door and their eyes opened wide, staring at Santa Claus. One of the moms let us in and we were able to meet everyone. We brought enough food for a big Christmas dinner and gifts for everyone. Santa shared that since all the children were very good, he wanted to make a special stop at their house early. The kids sat on the floor looking so proud. As we were leaving, Mary tapped me on the arm and quietly said she knew who I was and said thank you.

I am glad that I have been able to share through opportunities in The Salvation Army, that there is hope and love in Christ.

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