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We help victims become survivors Image

We help victims become survivors

The Salvation Army is proud to serve disasters at any moment and play a key role in the recovery process

How You Can Help


Ways We Offer Service In The Aftermath of Disaster


  • Emergency Training & Preparation - Disasters can strike at any time. This is why The Salvation Army takes response seriously and always stands ready. Our volunteers and emergency disaster service workers are always trained with the most current techniques, classes, and equipment for any type of disaster. All of this training has made The Salvation Army one of the top emergency relief organizations.


  • Support First Responders - The work on the front lines of a disaster comes with its own hardships. Our emergency services support the brave individuals who do this work by offering food, beverages, and spiritual care. The Salvation Army is proudly there in the wake of every disaster to bring God's light to the darkness.


  • Long Term Recovery & Aid - The impacts of a disaster can affect victims and responders for a long time. The Salvation Army brings planned long term relief that aids with rebuilding, grief/spiritual guidance, donation distribution, and social services. Together with local entities, we are able to support healing over time.