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Our Advisory Board Members

The Marquette County Salvation Army advisory board consists of a wide spectrum of hard-working men and women who share in the vision to transform and restore lives in the county of Marquette and beyond.

Lorna Addison
Member Since 2016
"There is really no better way to be God’s eyes, hands, and feet."
Gail Anthony
Member Since 2020
"I serve on the Advisory Board for The Salvation Army because I want to be a part of all the great work being done for our local communities."
Lindsey Havel
Member Since 2020
"I have always enjoyed volunteering; as part of the Advisory Board, I feel like am contributing on an even deeper level to help those in need."
Andrew LaCombe
Member Since 2018
"Marquette is a place where everyone has an opportunity to make a positive impact. Serving allows me to give back and connect people in our community."
Christian Palomaki
Member Since 2018
"I serve on the Advisory Board because they take care of the spiritual, physical and financial needs of many people in our community"
James Reevs
Member Since 2020
"I am on the advisory board because I have seen first-hand what a huge impact that The Salvation Army has on our community."
Julia Santa Maria
Member Since 2020
"Community engagement and paying it forward are important to me. I am one of many who have benefited from the services of The Army."
Carl Pace
Member Since 1984
"You can tell what is in a person’s heart by the generosity and kindness shown to all people in need."
Greg Zyburt
Member Since 2018
"Giving back to the community where I live to help make it a better place for the future."
LaMart Hightower
Member Since 2021
"I strongly believe God calls to complete certain tasks. Working with The Salvation Army allows me to continue my calling to engage in this service."
Ian Davis
Member Since 2020
"The Salvation Army has always supported our department and the public during emergencies so I was happy to serve on the advisory board and give back."
Dick Graybill
Member Since 2010
Julie Green
Member Since 2020
Cheryl Hill
Member Since 2018
Neil Jandron
Member Since 2019
Jeffrey Olson
Member Since 2020
Jim Perko
Member Since 2016
Kimme Peterson
Member Since 2010
John Prince
Member Since 2020
Ann LaCombe
Member Since 2018
Roger Zappa
Member Since 2012