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Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty Image Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty Image

Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty

Spark Academy

Spark Academy is a free program that gives third, fourth and fifth-grade students an opportunity to discover their gifts and talents in a safe place after school Monday through Thursday. Spark encourages each participant to discover their gift and can build a solid foundation to grow.

We have key values that help young people develop and thrive: 

  • Depth will form strong spirited independence and character
  • Responsibility gives opportunities to give and serve others
  • The community develops a sense of belonging
  • Spark creates opportunities to discover a child’s unique gifts.

For questions, or to register for Spark Academy, please call Veronica Edwards at (314) 439-8306, or send an email to

The Believe Project

The Believe Project, a partnership with the St. Louis Black Authors of Children’s Literature, is a new literacy library created to be a safe space for children to enjoy the beauty of reading and will be featured at The Salvation Army Ferguson Community Empowerment Center through the Spark Academy and Ignite programs. The project’s vision is to ensure that “all children become confident and competent readers by the end of third grade” – focusing especially on books written by black authors and/or for black children’s audiences.

Other Ways We Meet Needs