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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Help do the Most Good®

This page is for those who are members and those looking to explore their options with The Salvation Army. Here you will find tools, history, statistics and more to help you serve The Army more effectively so that we can continue DOING THE MOST GOOD.

Our Advisory Board members are business leaders and philanthropic supporters looking to make a difference with the limited time that they have. They choose to give back by participating in a variety of committees, consulting on various issues from property to fundraising. Their guidance and assistance is key to the success of The Salvation Army in Cape Girardeau.

If you are considering serving in an advisory capacity, we encourage you to peruse this section of the site, watching videos and learning more about what The Salvation Army is all about. 

Our Officers

Lts. Stephen & Lily Reinier

Advisory Board

Brent Wills: Chairman

Vice Chairman


Bill Hinckley 

Billy Watson 

Julie Cook

Ken White 

Linda Bohnsack

Stanley Downs