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Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty Image

Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty

Every kid deserves the chance to grow

For over 100 years The Salvation Army Character Building Programs have been unique places that offer free lessons and activities that grow confidence and equip kids for life. Character Building focuses on helping children learn about themselves and their world through education, fellowship, service, and worship. Our clubs create an accepting, positive, and challenging environment where young people of every background, circumstance, race, creed, and faith feel welcome. 

The leaders at The Salvation Army truly treat my child like one of their own

Since coming to The Salvation Army I have seen my child grow in confidence, self-sufficiency, and friendship. I am so thankful they have a safe and fun place to go.

How we help empower youth

The Salvation Army has been actively serving America’s youth for over 120 years. Salvation Army corps community centers offer religious and character-building programs that can include Sunday school, youth troops, music classes, athletics and sporting events, arts and crafts, camping, and more.

Many of our youths who participate in such programs do not have access or opportunity to have these experiences otherwise. They have not experienced the peace or safety of camping in the rural countryside. Many have never had the opportunity to play a musical instrument, or to make crafts and play competitive games in a protected setting.

The Salvation Army gives all youth a chance to experience educational enrichment, life skills development, and spiritual and physical wellness. Such experiences allow these at-risk children and adolescents to envision and pursue better futures.

These youth enrichment programs are offered in conjunction with other family services that promote positive living. By offering helpful alternatives and hope, The Salvation Army assists at-risk youths and families to avoid social dysfunction and crime.

Salvation Army youth programs place special emphasis on activities that encourage character and life skills development. Through mentoring and education, disadvantaged children and teens are shown the possibility of a better life. 

Moonbeams are for boys and girls ages 4-5. Moonbeams learn about nature, animals, colors, manners, friendship and so much more! 

The Sunbeam program emphasizes discipleship, evangelism, and the development of life skills. Aimed at girls in grades 1-5, Sunbeams takes members through a series of achievement emblems and award levels that help girls develop their unique individuality and potential. 

The Explorer program is designed to create an opportunity for boys in grades 1-5 to step out on an adventure with Christ and the world around them. Through engaging emblems of the opportunity to design your own, explorers aim to explore Gods word and Gods world and aim to protect nature and serve others

Girl Guards                                                                                                                                                                                                The Girl Guard program emphasizes discipleship, friendship, service, and the development of life skills. Aimed at girls in grades 6-12, Girl Guards takes young ladies through a series of achievement emblems, DIY projects, and higher awards to develop and guard their futures. 

Rangers The Ranger program is designed for boys in grades 6-12 to "GO, DO, SEE, and BE." The aim of this program is to create a desire for young men to be active learners in the magnificent world we live in and of the God who created it all 



Eligibility Guidelines

  • YouthPre-K-12th Grade

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