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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Serving to guide decisions and progress of the mission and programs of The Salvation Army of Springfield, MO

HAROLD BENGSCH - Member since 5/2004

FRANCES BIXLER - Member since 6/2020

ROB DVORAK, Chairman - Member since 2021

BETHANY FORRESTER - Member since 6/2017

MOLLY HOLTMANN - Member since 10/2018

BRIAN R. JARED - Member since 10/2007

TIJUANA JULIAN - Member since 6/2020

D. ERIC MCCLURE - Member since 9/2015

JAN MILLINGTON, Immediate Past Chair - Member since 11/2010

BRYAN MUSGRAVE -Member since 4/2024

KEITH NOBLE - Member since 11/2010

TONYA PRICE - Member since 4/2017

LIBBY SALISBURY - Member since 06/2020

NICK SHEPPARD, Vice Chair - Member since 10/2018

JACK COLE, Life Member - Member since 4/1979


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